Liév is an award winning freelance illustrator and artist based in Bogotá.

He was raised in the suburbs of Bogotá,  among green lands, trees and dogs. Now he works as a freelance illustrator and designer for clients all over the world.


- - Cuando se despertó, la pregunta todavía estaba ahí.

Honors and Awards

3x3 Professional Show Honorable Mention- 2017

Communication Arts Winner 58 - 2017

Society of Illustrators 59 - 2017

Lápiz de Acero 2017 Nomination

Lápiz de Acero 2016 Nomination

Lürzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2016-2017

American Illustration 35 WINNER

Latin American Illustration 4 WINNER

Speaking Engagements

Congreso FIG. 07 | Casatinta - 2017

Harvard University IV Colombian Conference

2014 Behance Portfolio Reviews Bogota

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