New York based artist Ela Minus asked me to interpret one of her songs, I liked the first verse, it says "I understand evolution does not matter".




To the memory of friend's brother, David Román

"One day I wanted to understand".

"So I began to take a walk".

"I got tired, I didn't look back".

"I started to climb up".

"From the tallest heights I fell".

"And still without understanding, I saw my whole life at once".

"And if I could, I would live it again".

"Mr. Otamendi doesn't speak words."

"Every time he doesn't speak one, he keeps it in his insides".

"He prefers not to speak them".

"because anyway nobody understand them".

"That day will come..."

"In which he will speak them out."


The Problem of Happiness

"The problem of happiness is that you're not aware of her while you are happy"

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