Daniel is an award-winning conceptual  illustrator and author based in Bogotá, Colombia.

His work mainly focuses on brainstorming thought-provoking imagery for selected top-selling publishers, newspapers, magazines, ad campaigns and institutions.

As an author, he is deeply inspired by semiotics and linguistics, on how the meaning of language  is much broader than what common sense implies.

Among other accolades, his recent and first published graphic novel, Gravity, was awarded both a Gold Medal from The Society of Illustrators in New York, and the Seymour Chwast MA-g Award in Zurich, originally judged by Chwast himself.

Daniel frequently runs workshops  and lectures around his country.  When ideas doesn't come, he takes a walk around nearby parks around his home, sits still  in a bench and contemplates all the quiet people having their time. Then ideas arrive.

Always take a walk.



Selected Clients

Folio Society UK
The New York Times
The New York Times Magazine
The New Yorker
Harvard Business Review
Harvard Divinity School
The Atlantic
The Economist 
Harper's Magazine
Emergence Magazine
Penguin Random House
The Washington Post
Metaleap Creative
The Sunday Times 
The Boston Globe 
The Lancet
Point Five Studio
Fine Acts
Area 23/FCB Network
El Espectador
Commercial Observer 
Vanderbilt University 
The American Lawyer 
El Malpensante 
Editorial Norma 


Gold Medal SOI
Society of Illustrators of New York 2020
Book Category - Graphic Novel - "Gravity"

Silver Medal SOI
Society of Illustrators of New York 2022
Book Category - "Kafka on the Shore"

World Illustration Award AOI
The Association of Illustrators AOI
Science & Technology Winner 2020

Seymour Chwast MA-g Award
The Museum of Avant-garde 2021
Illustration - Graphic Novel

Bronze Medal LAD
Latin American Design Awards  2018
Illustration Category


World Illustration Awards Shortlist 2022
American Illustration 2020
Communication Arts Award of Excellence 2020
World Illustration Awards Shortlist 2020
Best Books of the Year List Arcadia
Communication Arts 61 Shortlist - 2019
3x3 Honorable Mention 2018
Communication Arts 60 Shortlist - 2018
Society of Illustrators 60 - 2018
3x3 Honorable Mention - 2017
Communication Arts 58 - 2017
Society of Illustrators 59 - 2017
Lápiz de Acero 2017 Finalist
Lápiz de Acero 2016 Finalist
Lürzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators
Worldwide 2016-2017
American Illustration 35
Latin American Illustration 4

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